Welcome to InfraRed Capital Partners

We are a leading global investment manager focused on infrastructure and real estate. We create real value for our investors, project partners, communities and end users.

About Us

We operate worldwide from offices in London, Hong Kong, New York, Sydney and Seoul. With c.130 professionals we manage more than US$10bn of equity capital in multiple private and listed funds, primarily for institutional investors across the globe.

To date, we have launched 17 funds including two companies listed on the London Stock Exchange: HICL Infrastructure Company Limited and The Renewables Infrastructure Group. We have realised six of these, demonstrating our ability to create real value for our stakeholders.

We create real value not only for our investors, but also for our partners and especially the users of our assets and the surrounding communities which benefit from new or refurbished buildings or infrastructure. InfraRed strives to be a responsible investor and to develop and manage long term sustainable real estate and infrastructure assets. 

Our track record speaks for itself. As a result of our reputation for trust, transparency and integrity, leading industry players are keen to work with us and talented, aspiring professionals - to join us. 


Our Heritage

We have been investing and managing international real estate for 25 years and our global infrastructure investment track-record stretches c. 20 years back. Our history is a record of our capabilities and achievements and establishes us as one of the world’s leading investment managers in our field.

Our business started in 1990 as part of Charterhouse Bank, investing in real estate and expanded in 1997 to encompass infrastructure. In 2000, we were acquired by HSBC and evolved into the HSBC Group’s global real estate and infrastructure investment platform. In 2011 we rebranded ourselves as InfraRed after completing a successful management buy-out from HSBC.

The business is now owned by its management team.  Since the spin-out we have thrived as an independent business and significantly grown our equity under management and our investor base.

Selecting opportunities with high potential and applying our expertise and disciplined management to nurture and develop value – this is how we have consistently delivered compelling performance for over 25 years.

Werner von Guionneau
Chief Executive Officer


Global Perspective

From our initial UK focus, we have expanded our business globally, identifying areas and opportunities that provide a natural fit for our expertise.

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The map below represents the territories where we are currently active.


Useful Links

Whether in infrastructure or real estate, we often work in partnership with organisations that provide additional value in the sourcing, governance and delivery of our investments. Below is a selection of those organisations and the nature of our relationship with them.