Community Engagement

The assets InfraRed manage play a vital role in creating and supporting sustainable communities and providing clean energy. We understand that our responsibilities extend beyond our investors to the communities we serve.

At the cornerstone of InfraRed’s sustainability programme is our commitment to make a positive impact on the communities in which our assets operate. This is driven by the passion, energy and talents of our staff who take a genuine, hands-on role in promoting community engagement initiatives. 


InfraRed’s Community Engagement Committee oversees our community engagement activities and charitable initiatives in accordance with InfraRed’s three charitable priorities:

  • Good Health and Well-being (SDG 3): Promote initiatives which raise awareness of and provide support to those with mental health issues or enhance the well-being of individuals and the wider community;
  • Quality Education (SDG 4): Improve the educational and employment outcomes of disadvantaged young people to advance diversity and social mobility in communities; and
  • Climate Action (SDG 13): Act against adverse climate change to preserve the environment for current and future generations.

Our charitable resources include:

  • in the first instance volunteering our time and talents,
  • in the second instance leveraging our business relationships as a multiplier for achieving benefits,
  • and finally selectively providing financial support as an enabler and further multiplier of the charitable benefits derived from investing our time and leveraging our business relationships.


InfraRed has established the £1m InfraRed Charitable Foundation, which is an independent charity and with the aims of promoting social inclusion and the relief of sickness and preservation of health.  The trustees (a mixture of our senior executives and individuals from wider industry) are responsible for the distribution of the Foundation's funds and engage with staff to identify good causes and to help maximise the charitable impact.