Corporate life

Valuing every individual

In the rapidly advancing world, business challenges are becoming more complex by the day. Globalisation, technology innovations, political uncertainty, demographics, climate change and changing social values fuse together, often to create unprecedented volatility in the business environment. The ability to adapt and evolve, to anticipate and respond to challenges and change, increasingly lies at the heart of business survival and growth.

To prosper as a global business, we are well aware that our workforce should reflect the same international horizons. InfraRed believes that only a rich and diverse variety of viewpoints, personal experiences and professional expertise can lead to the better decisions, innovative thinking and competitive advantages that drive success.

Collaboration and respect are ingrained into our professional DNA. InfraRed values every member of staff and we support everyone in reaching their full potential regardless of age, race, gender or personal beliefs and preferences. 


Our Diversity & Inclusion initiatives

We manage a range of initiatives to progress our diversity objectives. We are striving to embed inclusion and diversity principles across all stages of the employee experience, from the recruitment process, to professional development, performance monitoring and retention.


We are searching for people from a diverse range of backgrounds and communities to attract the widest breadth of talent, skills and outlook.

We recruit a diverse workforce through: (i) a ‘name-blind’ recruitment process which supports assessment of candidates on merit and not on their background, race or gender; (ii) ensuring a diverse team of panellists to conduct interviews; (iii) providing stringent talent search requirements to recruitment agencies; (iv) carrying out ‘unconscious bias training’ for line managers; (v) looking beyond standard search pools when recruiting new talent.

Development & retention 

We promote diversity and inclusion not only through recruitment but also in matters of our corporate culture and development of our team members.

We continue to invest in developing and retaining our talent through programmes such as (i) management training programme; (ii) supporting the implementation of mentoring and sponsorship programs targeting women; (iii) introducing a ‘Return to work’ programme; (iv) monitoring promotion across the group.


We believe that leadership commitment and accountability is critical to drive change and make diversity and inclusion progress.

To that end we have raised our accountability for diversity and inclusion at InfraRed with the leadership team having a goal of achieving a fully diverse and inclusive environment for all staff as one of their personal objectives.


“We believe that fully embracing diversity is critical to our continued success. It is not ‘a nice to have.’ It is the only way." Werner von Guionneau
Chief Executive Officer