A true commitment to responsible investment

InfraRed takes an active approach to long-term sustainable investment by integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria into every aspect of our business. We firmly believe this unlocks the potential of our investments, reduces the risks in the portfolio, and creates enduring benefits for the local economy. 

We are a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). These principles provide a voluntary framework for incorporating ESG issues into investment practice, contributing to a sustainable financial system. In the annual assessment by PRI, InfraRed has achieved the highest ratings, standing well above industry standards for the last four consecutive years.


A shared goal

InfraRed develops strong partnerships with business associates and the companies in which we invest based on responsibility, commitment and trust. In sharing the same socially responsible approach - shaped by environmental, ethical and social considerations - we can work towards a joint goal of long-term, sustainable value creation.

We believe it is just as important to be as clear and informative as possible about the ways in which ESG influences our own business. Take our investment selection criteria as an example. We use environmental criteria to assess how effectively a company stewards the natural environment and how closely it complies with relevant laws and regulations. Through a social set of standards, we evaluate how a company manages the relationships with its employees, stakeholders and surrounding communities.

In terms of corporate governance, we look to ensure that our partners adhere to the highest standards of corporate conduct. We undertake regular studies, inspections, surveys and risk assessment to ensure this remains the case at all times.