At InfraRed we aim to make lives better with infrastructure. We do this by unlocking the potential of new ‘greenfield’ infrastructure (also known as development infrastructure) and existing ‘brownfield’ operational infrastructure assets (secondary infrastructure) to provide reliable and durable assets for their users and generate long, predictable income streams for investors.

Sustainability is our passion.  We ensure our assets meet the needs of their users and engage with local communities to improve the business and social environment where our assets are located. 




infrastructure professionals

Leader in our field

With over 20 years of investment expertise and over US$9bn of equity deployed in infrastructure projects across the globe, we have a comprehensive understanding of how to develop, structure and operate high quality projects in our areas of expertise. Our projects support their communities and are able to provide essential and resilient services to users, whether in Europe, the Americas or Australasia.

Our expertise spans across social infrastructure, regulated assets, transportation, low-carbon generation and energy storage infrastructure projects. Our deep knowledge across our chosen markets underpins an exemplary track record that comprises in excess of 250 investments including the delivery of over 80 greenfield projects.

Reputation for innovation

We made our first investment in infrastructure over 20 years ago and built our first windfarm over 10 years ago. Our reputation for market leadership and innovation was further enhanced when we launched HICL Infrastructure Company Limited (HICL), the first infrastructure investment company to list on the London Stock Exchange in 2006. In 2013 we listed The Renewables Infrastructure Group (TRIG), now the largest renewables portfolio amongst UK investment companies. At the end of 2015, InfraRed became the first manager of two listed infrastructure funds (HICL and TRIG) in the FTSE 250 index.

We have been one of the first to provide innovative responses to the challenges of energy transition and increased demand put on the energy networks. Now we are a leading provider of flexible generation, energy storage solutions and energy enabling infrastructure.

Sustainable projects

When we invest in an infrastructure project, we seek to deliver the quality service that its users deserve. At InfraRed, Environmental Social and Governance considerations (“ESG” ) are not just boxes to be ticked, but a means of delivering superior sustainable performance for our assets over long periods of time.

We are seeking to deliver not only financial performance, but a positive contribution to society, benefitting customers and communities and fostering long-term growth. We achieve this through innovation and capital expenditure, active asset and portfolio management and engagement with clients, key stakeholders and supply chain contractors.