Our culture

Life at InfraRed

A business built on a sense of belonging

InfraRed actively supports the personal and professional development of employees through a range of initiatives within both the business and the communities in which we work. We will continue to place a strong emphasis on an environment everyone can feel part of and contribute towards.

InfraRed Values

A defined set of values helps to express our culture and to ensure that they continue to influence the way we deliver innovative solutions for our investors, our partners and the communities in which we invest.


We share a genuine enthusiasm for what we do, delivering high quality work with pride, positivity, and a proactive attitude.


Always open to ideas and challenges, we strive to be the best we can be, pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo.


We work with integrity and respect for each other, our partners, our investors and the surrounding communities.


We believe in teamwork, understand the power of strong relationships and embrace difference.


We maximise the potential of ourselves, our projects and the people around us, focussing not just on the outcome but on how we get there.

Creating value within the community

InfraRed values are brought to life in our support for young people, helping them to nurture their talent and achieve their potential.

We are proud of the long-term relationships we have developed with two schools, providing students with new and exciting opportunities for learning and personal development.

Our goal is to offer inspiring experiences that engage students; bridge the gap between education and employment; and provide insight into the ways knowledge can be applied to real life situations.

This goes far beyond the provision of financial support. InfraRed staff are encouraged to take a genuine, hands-on role and their passion, energy and talent are the real drivers of the success  to date.

It’s a real partnership that creates value for all involved. Students benefit from our time, knowledge and expertise. We enjoy a myriad of opportunities for self-development both as an organisation and as individuals.