Mexican Solar Portfolio

Creation of one of the largest solar portfolios in Mexico

The backdrop

Over the course of the first half of 2017, InfraRed and our local partner Invex Infraestructura decided to fund the construction of Torreoncitos and Rancho El Trece, each with a capacity of 36MWp. The projects entered into operation in Q1 2018, and in the summer of the same year, the venture partners committed to the construction of the Ahumada project cluster with a combined capacity of 144MWp. 

The delivery of the portfolio comprising three main project sites, Torreoncitos, Rancho el Trece and Ahumada, located in Chihuahua, Mexico, across c. 600 ha of land with a combined capital value of US$215m, and represents InfraRed's largest solar venture to date. 

The projects were commissioned in two stages in 2018 and 2019 and required the installation of c. 650,000 solar panels and the employment of 2,000 workers.


Solar panels


Capital value


Industrial and commercial clients


Creating Real Value

These were among the first commercial scale solar PV projects built in Mexico. Successful delivery of the projects was achieved based on our ability to transfer our renewable energy expertise, particularly in structuring projects, superior supervision and management capability of complex construction processes combined with a sensitivity for and anticipation of local particularities. All these elements were critical to overcome various technical, commercial and administrative challenges in this still nascent solar market.

The projects were built in regions with some of the highest solar irradiation globally, with little alternative use for land, thus not causing displacement of any agricultural or other activities. The projects have brought significant employment and other benefits to the local communities.

In addition to successful project delivery, we truly embraced the energy sector reform in Mexico and pioneered commercialising power generated by the projects to industrial consumers. This was achieved by setting up a commercialisation entity, Ammper Energia, which allows us to operate in the newly formed electricity wholesale market.

During the delivery of the projects, through Ammper Energia we have successfully placed most of the energy and green certificates generated by the projects under power purchase agreements with industrial consumers. Such industrials will benefit from secure and fixed price electricity generated by renewable sources, contributing to Mexico’s ambitious reform targets. Electricity generated from the solar portfolio is displacing that of less efficient, conventional generation, reducing emissions by 380,000 tons of CO2 and saving the consumption of 37m litres of gas fuel per year.

“We are excited to have built one of the largest solar portfolios in Mexico and contributed to the efficiency of Mexico’s electricity system. The portfolio has had a positive impact on local communities in Chihuahua through the creation of jobs and decarbonisation of electricity. InfraRed was key in building the business case and driving the construction of the portfolio”.
Antonio Macías
CEO at Bester Energy