Statera Energy

Development and distribution of flexible energy generation capacity

The backdrop

Statera Energy is a new generation energy company focusing on the development and operation of utility-scale battery energy storage and flexible generation capacity in the UK.

Statera aims to develop well-placed sites located at congestion points between transmission and distribution networks, as well as those providing access to preferential grid or gas network connections. At the same time, it also seeks opportunities that offer the scale to minimise the cost of construction and operation.

This approach led to the first sites featuring 150MW of battery and 50MW of flexible gas, a highly flexible asset base capable of monetising multiple revenue streams - an important factor given the evolution of the market.

InfraRed invested in Statera in early 2017 soon after the company secured 15-year Capacity Market contracts for a hybrid portfolio of 200MW of energy storage and flexible gas assets.

Since then, we have backed the management in building out this portfolio, developing a pipeline of over 1GW of flexible capacity assets, and de-risking merchant and strategic revenues.  


Development Pipeline


Equity Invested

Ventilation systems
Birdseye view of ventilation systems

Creating Real Value

InfraRed works closely with management to create ongoing value by maximising procurement efficiency, securing valuable development sites, and de-risking market revenues.

With Statera now ideally positioned to become the UK market leader in flexible capacity, we are now supporting a development pipeline and an increase in operational capability across both batteries and flexible gas.

These initiatives will allow the company to capture value from the wider transition of the energy market, which is currently experiencing a phase of fundamental change driven by renewable deployments.

As such, they will be valued at a premium (relative to the initial contracted assets) at the point of exit.