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Our vision is creating spaces to inspire peoples’ lives. We do this by unlocking the potential of new and existing buildings. We have over 25 years of investment expertise in all major sectors, including office, retail, residential, industrial, hospitality and self-storage across the Europe and Asia Pacific regions.  Our deep knowledge in our chosen markets is responsible for an exemplary track record that comprises in excess of 130 value-add investments with over 100 exits. 

Our focus on sustainability, people-centred design and community engagement seeks to improve the business and social environments of our tenants, end users and other stakeholders. We believe that ESG is not just a box to be ticked, but a means of delivering superior long-term sustainable investment performance. 


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Sustainable projects. Strong partnerships.

Originally established as a value-add investor and mezzanine lender in the UK, InfraRed now focuses on well-located, predominantly multi-let properties across Europe. We seek to generate investment returns by delivering sustainable projects that are integral to the communities in which they are based. Our extensive technical capabilities, together with strong partnerships enable us to re-configure, refurbish and reposition assets. We develop a comprehensive business strategy which  covers every aspect of letting, operations and building improvements - all monitored in real-time by our asset management team leveraging an in-house property management system.

Our recent investments include the purchase, repositioning and sale of the Leitwerk office building in Munich; a mixed-use block in central Copenhagen; the refurbishment and regeneration of the Clayton Square shopping centre in Liverpool and the Hachette office tower in Paris.


The business of transformation

InfraRed has been active in the Asian market since 2007 and has a proven track record of delivering superior returns through a combination of mezzanine financing and value-add investing.

As one of the leading real estate investors in Greater China, we manage our operations through InfraRed NF: a joint venture in partnership with Vervain - a Hong Kong-based real estate owner, operator and developer.

Combining best-in-class fiduciary and technical skills with a powerful local network, our strong and complementary partnership provides a solid foundation for the 20+ investments we have made to date, representing in excess of US$1.7 billion of capital.

We seek to exploit capital market inefficiencies in Greater China, lending to residential real estate developers with solid track records and proven execution capabilities.

InfraRed NF also transforms well-located but poorly managed commercial properties within first tier cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. Our proven approach frequently combines change of use, upgrading and asset management to achieve higher rents, create additional revenue streams, improve occupancy and grow operating margins.

Our current portfolio comprises investments throughout China, Hong Kong and Vietnam, spanning all major asset classes including self-storage.


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We are a global investment expert in the development, acquisition and management of infrastructure projects from their conception, structuring and construction through to their long-term operating phase.

Today we are one of the world’s largest managers of social and transportation infrastructure projects, with investments over 180 projects across our business.