We are building a long-term relationship with two schools to provide students learning and personal development opportunities outside of the classroom.

The criteria in developing our programme were simple – to provide inspiring experiences that engage students and bridge the gap between education and employment, giving participants an insight into how knowledge and learning can be applied in ‘real life’ situations. At the same time, we want to encourage genuine, hands-on InfraRed participation. This involves a lot more than an ongoing financial commitment from InfraRed and our programme succeeds because of the passion, energy and talent of our people.

It is our belief that the real joint value lies in this approach. Not only do the young people involved benefit from our time, knowledge and expertise. We also stand to gain, as an organization and as individuals, from the myriad opportunities for self-development that participation provides.

Developing talent is fundamental to the success of the InfraRed business, so extending this to our Community Engagement programme made complete sense. Our work with schools gives students learning opportunities beyond the classroom and shows them how the knowledge and skills they are acquiring today can be applied in a real-life work scenario.

Keith Butcher, Chairman of Community Engagement Steering Group

Community Engagement in Action