Eastbury Community School, Barking

InfraRed is developing a relationship with Eastbury Community School, Barking, to help deepen its students’ understanding of life in the work place and potential career opportunities.

Eastbury – which provides education for children aged 4-18 - is part of HICL’s holding in the Barking and Dagenham Schools Project.

Not only are we supporters of the school’s annual careers fair, but we have also sponsored a design and technology project focused on students aged between 13 and 14 in year nine. The aim was to create an interactive, alphabet-themed display for children in the infant school.

As well as being a useful tool to assist 4 and 5 year olds with their literacy skills, the display has provided an attractive feature for this newly-opened part of the school which has recently welcomed reception-aged children for the first time.

The opportunity for year nine students to work to a brief, with a view to delivering a specified end product, has taught the class invaluable lessons for the future. Not only did they demonstrate the ability to progress a project from the initial concept stage through to design and execution, they also proved that they could work effectively as a team.

At Eastbury we firmly believe in the value of developing relationships with business. Meeting the team from InfraRed provides an important link between what we are teaching the children and how those skills can be applied in the future.

Helen Fergey
Eastbury Community School