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Europe, Australia, UK, North America
PPP, regulated assets, demand-based assets
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London Stock Exchange
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UK listed infrastructure investment company

21 years

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Leading Edge

HICL Infrastructure PLC (HICL) is a large, UK listed investment company providing investors with exposure to infrastructure assets and delivering an attractive yield with the preservation of capital.

The success of HICL is testament to our ability to gain considerable experience and expertise in a market sector and then utilise that wealth of knowledge to identify a gap in the investment market and launch a new listed vehicle attractive to investors seeking exposure to alternative assets.


Launched in March 2006 as HSBC Infrastructure Company Limited (changing its name to HICL Infrastructure Company Limited in 2011 and to HICL infrastructure PLC in 2019), HICL was the first infrastructure investment company to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. It was established as a long-term investor in public infrastructure working in partnership with the public sector.

HICL was born out of our expertise as an early pioneer in development infrastructure which saw our funds invest in the UK Government’s Private Finance Initiative (PFI). Instead of undertaking piecemeal disposals at the end of our first unlisted, development infrastructure fund’s life, we took advantage of the increased interest in alternative assets to realise the investments in a single, ground-breaking transaction.

Creating Real Value

The initial IPO raised £250m in cash proceeds, which was used to acquire 15 social and transportation infrastructure investments created by our development infrastructure team.

Since the IPO, with growing demand from a wider range of investors, we have successfully sourced new investments and raised further equity capital via a number of secondary issuances. In June 2017, HICL has a market capitalisation of over £2.5bn and more than 110 investments across various sectors – health, accommodation, education, transportation, fire, law and order.

By choosing to list HICL, for the first time we provided retail investors with the opportunity to invest in a vehicle with an appealing risk return profile, and predictable yield, focused on infrastructure, an asset class traditionally only accessible to large institutional investors. A testament to our success in creating HICL is that it has been replicated by a number of subsequent listed infrastructure companies. 

As the UK pioneer in listed infrastructure investment, HICL has grown strongly and consistently delivered to target by producing attractive returns for investors, coupled with high standards of corporate governance and disclosure.

Ian Russell, CBE
Chairman of HICL Board of Directors