Mynydd Bwllfa Wind Farm

Key Data

Wind Farm
Project Value:
£20 – £50m
Investment Date:
Asset Overview:

9 turbine wind farm in South Wales (22.5MW)

The story in stats


estimated number of homes which could be supplied by annual electricity output generated by Mynydd Bwllfa project

Power Partnership

We are working in partnership with renewable energy developer Pennant Walters to develop a new wind farm near Hirwaun, South Wales. This is our fourth wind project with the Walters Group and it marks a collaboration between our organisations going back over seven years.


Pennant Walters is one of the UK’s leading renewable energy development companies. Our relationship with them dates back to 2006 and includes the successful development, financing, construction and operation of two earlier renewable energy projects: Maesgwyn Wind Farm and Pant y Wal Wind Farm.

The Mynydd Bwllfa project is jointly owned by Pennant Walters and us but will be delivered by a wider group of turbine suppliers, contractors and operators, all experts within their fields. Our relationships with these key stakeholders and our expertise in ensuring tight contractual structuring will be key to the successful outcome for the project. 

Creating Real Value

The project is being built under three fixed-priced contracts with credible counter parties standing behind the risk and delivery. The revenue risk is mitigated over the short to mid-term by a c.15 year power purchase agreement with a major blue chip UK company. On the back of the robust contractual structure the project attracted £28m of long-term financing from a major UK bank.

An important part of our investment in wind farms is the involvement of and relationship with local communities. For example, as part of our previous project with Pennant Walters at Pant y Wal we have supported the building of a new children’s playground at a school close to the wind farm. Furthermore our wind farms are often used by local schools as part of their education programme.

The development of the Mynydd Bwllfa wind farm supports both the UK Government and Welsh Assembly in their commitments to cut CO2 emissions and increases the percentage of energy generated by renewable means. We estimate that the annual electrical output from Mynydd Bwllfa alone will be sufficient, on average, to supply the equivalent of the domestic electricity needs of approximately 15,000 homes. 

Their track record speaks for itself. Few years ago they had the vision to see what we could achieve. Now we have finished construction of our fourth development together.

Dale Hart, Managing Director
Pennant Walters