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From schools and hospitals to roads and rail networks, transport and social infrastructure assets are critical to the functioning of society, regional connectivity and play a crucial role in the global economy.

As existing assets age, the needs of our societies evolve, new technologies emerge and the quest for Net Zero intensifies; the demand for new and enhanced infrastructure only increases.

But significant investment is needed to achieve this. For example, a report in 2019 by former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker’s Volcker Alliance estimated the US has a US$1 trillion backlog of needed repairs to roads, waterworks, and other essential assets. Increasingly, governments in key markets like the US and Europe are exploring ways to fund their programmes, which in some cases includes PPP (Public Private Partnerships) models.

bridge construction site

New and upgraded infrastructure will always be required – and significant investment is needed.

Enduringly attractive
There is an almost constant need for new and upgraded assets like schools, hospitals, roads, and rail networks. The criticality of core assets like these, together with their defensive market positioning and high-quality cash flows, makes them both an attractive and resilient investment.

Leveraging our experience
With net zero targets high on the social and political agenda, there is a growing need to decarbonise swathes of existing infrastructure. Not only does this allow us to be highly selective in our approach to asset selection, we’re also able to leverage our significant experience in both transport and in energy transition & renewables. And having been involved in the design of the PPP process in the UK, we’re well positioned to capitalise on its enduring popularity in North America, Europe and Australia & New Zealand.

Active management
We have a long history in transport & social infrastructure – having made our first investment more than 25 years ago. We take the learnings we’ve developed over the years and apply it to our active management approach – seeking to match society’s need for well-built, reliable core infrastructure with the needs of our investors.

Case study

  • stadium in Singapore seen from above

    Singapore Sports Hub

    The Singapore Sports Hub is a world class sports and entertainment centre that plays a critical role in enhancing sports culture in Singapore.

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