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Creating better futures

Adding value for over 25 years

InfraRed is an international infrastructure asset manager. We invest in infrastructure that is critical to the functioning of societies, from wind farms and solar parks to fibre optic communications and mobile phone towers. We aim to achieve compelling investment returns, while delivering the infrastructure that enables communities to thrive. By investing responsibly for the long-term we contribute positively to society now and for future generations.

Throughout our 25 years in infrastructure, we have always sought to create durable value. We have a differentiated skillset in early-stage development, constructing and commissioning new, large-scale infrastructure to deliver value for our investors and clients. And with a substantial in-house Asset Management team, we look to actively preserve and enhance value.

As the infrastructure asset class has matured, we’ve leveraged our experience and mindset by developing a range of core strategies aiming to deliver stable, long-term returns from operational assets.

By targeting these complementary risk profiles, we’re able to leverage insights, skills, and relationships from across the entire asset lifecycle – positioning ourselves at the forefront of change and new investment opportunities.

Infrastructure pioneers

We’ve built out a team of over 100 industry experts and specialists from established and emerging sectors, enabling us to stay at the cutting edge of market trends.

Our team has a track record of creating, enhancing and protecting value across all stages of the asset lifecycle. We do this by applying our proven approach – developed and refined over the past 25 years.

We leverage the competencies of our portfolio companies’ management teams, and work collaboratively with our business partners and the communities in which we operate. This enables us to deliver the infrastructure society needs, while minimising risk and delivering for those who entrust us with their capital.

We are proud of our long track record, but what excites us most are the opportunities that lie ahead.

  • Energy Transition & Renewables

    Nearly 15 years ago, we were one of the first investment managers to invest in utility scale renewables like wind and solar. Our focus on clean energy continues to evolve with the market, embracing technological innovation to help drive the energy transition.

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  • Communications & Digital Infrastructure

    We invest across the communications and digital infrastructure landscape, facilitating the digital transformation for society and economies globally.

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  • Social & Transport Infrastructure

    We undertook our first investment in social and transport infrastructure 25 years ago. Today, we continue to play an active role by building, owning and operating core, community assets like hospitals, roads and high-speed rail networks.

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Responsible investing

Making a lasting impact

InfraRed is more than just a financial investor. Investing responsibly for the long-term is central to our approach and our business vision. Our assets are the backbone of the economies where we invest and have a lasting influence on the lives of millions of people. From promoting social development and improving quality of life to making a positive impact on the environment, we create lasting value for communities both now and for future generations. And as we grow, so does our impact around the world – Creating Better Futures.


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* All figures as of the 30th September 2023
** Uses 5-year average FX as at 31st December 2023 at GBP/USD of 1.2881, EUR/USD of 1.1226, EUM is USD 13.433m


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