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InfraRed+Insights – 2023 Outlook

7 February 2023 Outlook, Videos

As we look out across 2023, our team sets out our outlook on a range of themes and sectors including low-carbon hydrogen, renewables and energy transition, digital infrastructure and EV charging. We also cover the potential for changes to sustainable disclosure requirements in 2023. 


Introduction – Michael Straka, Head of Capital Formation

Michael sets the scene for our 2023 Outlook and the value of infrastructure investment in the current economic environment.
Low-Carbon Hydrogen – Liliya Ivanova, Director, Origination & Execution

Liliya explores the opportunities for low-carbon hydrogen and the four drivers shaping its growth: regulation, subsidies, the levelized cost of energy, and off-taker demand.
Renewables & Energy Transition – Isaac Vaz, Director, Origination & Execution

Isaac provides a comprehensive take on the energy transition and renewables sector. He highlights that many of the conditions experienced in 2022, such as the push for net-zero targets, the energy crisis and supply constraints, are likely to continue shaping the industry in 2023.
Digital Infrastructure – Pascale Labrecque, Vice President, origination & Execution

The requirement for new and upgraded digital infrastructure continues apace, as all aspects of our lives become increasingly digitised. Pascale explores the three key sectors of digital infrastructure: towers, fibre and data.
EV Charging – Liliya Ivanova, Director, Origination & Execution

Liliya sets out the prospects for EV charging, as part of the push towards cleaner transport. She outlines our expectations that 2023 will be an active year for the sector and for investible opportunities within this space.
Sustainability Regulations – Kate McKeon, Head of Sustainability

Kate covers the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations and the FCA’s Sustainability Disclosure requirements and the outlook for greater clarity on sustainable disclosures in 2023.

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