Infralogic’s Crossroads Podcast – InfraRed’s CEO on the Mid-market and the US energy sector

17 April 2024 Outlook
Jack Paris, Chief Executive of InfraRed Capital Partners, was interviewed by Infralogic’s Crossroads podcast on the topic of mid-market infrastructure.

Jack gave his take on why investors should focus on the mid-market and the robustness of this space. He discussed the strength of InfraRed’s performance and transaction volumes over the past year and the approach of our value-add strategy, highlighting the broad pool of potential buyers for the assets and companies that we develop.

Jack also talked about our 25-year track record and how it is relevant in today’s market, as it creates the opportunities to work with individuals and management teams that we have had success with in the past.

To listen to the episode, please click here.

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