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InfraRed+Insights – 2024 Outlook

31 January 2024 Outlook, Videos
In our latest outlook video series, our team provide their insights on the underlying dynamics likely to shape the infrastructure asset class this year, as well as the expected trends within a number of the sectors that we are actively exploring in 2024.


Market context – Jack Paris, CEO

Jack Paris, CEO of InfraRed, provides his perspective on the infrastructure asset class. Jack talks about his optimism for the year ahead, as well as highlighting some of the likely  sectors that we will continue to explore through 2024 and beyond.

Battery and flexible storage – Jean-Daniel Mariton, Director, Origination & Execution

Jean-Daniel provides his perspective on the growth opportunities in the battery and flexible storage sector. He highlights some of the key European markets to watch, as well as the expected transition of battery business models towards wholesale market revenues, amongst other trends.

Biogas – Michael Bendeli, Vice President, Origination & Execution

Michael provides a comprehensive take on biomethane’s long-term role in the energy transition, the growth InfraRed expects to see in European markets, as well as the key factors operators will need in order to achieve success in the sector.

Data Centres – Charlie Scott, Director, Origination & Execution

Charlie focuses on the key trends that InfraRed expect to define the data centre sector in 2024, including the impact of AI on the demand for data infrastructure. He also highlights the smaller European markets outside of the major cities where we are anticipating sustained growth.


US renewables and asset pricing – Matt Solnick, Vice President, Origination & Execution

Matt provides a recap on the major trends in the US renewables market in 2023, covering the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act and the effect of higher interest rates. He also outlines our expectations that 2024 will be an active year for development, as we believe ESG focused investors will take advantage of the opportunities within this space, irrespective of the uncertainty created by the upcoming US elections.

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