The Renewables Infrastructure Group Limited – Acquisition of 16 MW UK Wind Farm

4 April 2019 Investments
• Addition to the TRIG portfolio of an operational UK wind farm with 16 MW generating capacity (the Earlseat Wind Farm) for consideration of approximately £32 million, subject to certain performance adjustments.

• TRIG’s portfolio now consists of 28 separate project investments with approximately 414 MW of aggregate installed capacity.

Helen Mahy, TRIG’s Chairman, said:

“The addition to TRIG’s portfolio of the Earlseat Wind Farm represents the tenth project acquisition by TRIG since the acquisition of the initial portfolio of 18 projects at IPO.  This recently commissioned project in Central Scotland provides investors with the benefits of further scale and diversification in line with the Company’s investment policy.”

The full RNS announcement concerning today’s acquisition can be found on the TRIG website,

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